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@christmasbro said:
the epic atheist brony

hi, I'm Harley of @christmasbro, i created and ran much of the content on @epicabrony, so yes, it isn't real

i first conceived of a character that was like a combination of every weird nerd meta nerd Internet 2k12 otaku geek stereotype I could think of and probably wanted to do a video series playing that character, with a fedora [i]of course[\i], this included a few key things, memes, fedoras, bacon, epic win, anonymous, bronies, bacon, atheism, grammar nazism, mens rights, obsession with british stuff ie doctor who, keep calm and carry on, yogscast etc, and first started with a twitter account before I could think of any video ideas, i intended to use my own picture to coincide with the videos but I didn't have any fedoras of my own to use, so i looked for a placeholder picture for now, i searched 'fedora brony' or 'brony fedora' and found some dude with a fedora and a glass of whiskey, it coincided very well with the aspiration to be a 'classy good sir' in these kind of nerd cultures, no offence to the actual dude in it, but it matched the tweets very well.

it started getting lots of attention after the second tweet targeted someone in the very loose twet area of twitter (sects as I heard someone call it, basically the part of twitter where we all have cartoon avs and make jokes about dogs and weed and dads etc, etc, you get the idea) having a conversation about the angry atheist, a person I really do loathe, but can see the absurd humor in defending, and yeah then I made about twenty more steampunk, bacon and MRA themed tweets, all trying to exaggerate the people we love to hate.

I've never been a fan of trolling, the act of just pissing off or upsetting someone for the sake of it, i did intend to make it clear that the account was a parody, i thought it would have been obvious, which it was to like half the people who saw it, but for some reason the idea just lost consideration, maybe i thought it wouldn't get as much attention if everyone knew none of it was real, even if it was bad attention, it was a very fun gimmick character to play around with and then get a response to, my interactions tab was insane really.

but anyway then i started losing inspiration and asked one of my friends if they wanted to help with it (@2m), they made much of the cosmetic changes, background, bio, (avatar when it was taken down) and then decided to get more interactive with the responses the account was getting, arguing stuff back to people that you would expect someone called “epic atheist brony” to argue with.

and then the dude from the picture started getting attention from people who thought he was the account, and made a picture to prove it, then sent twitter a dms take down notice for the avatar, which i saw coming.
Early on i really did want to change the picture before the guy got too pissed for it, but I matt was more certain about keeping it, and I was only slightly worried about the consequences of using it, I knew it wouldn’t be anything too bad, as matt agreed, so I’d left the account mostly up to him, and just posted some tweets here and there

i do feel kinda bad about the guy but then again, it was a pic where he was wearing a fucking fedora and a glass of whiskey, which is just awful really im sorry, but yeah sorry dude in the pic for not taking it down when i felt i should, i honestly would have done a picture myself if I had a fedora.

but yeah, the account was fun, i have to stress that very few IF ANY of the views of the character reflect mine or my friend, but i did appreciate the irony of carefuckers and people considering themselves to be of a high moral standard, telling the epic atheist brony to kill himself, or the many people who threatened to kill someone for being an obnoxious misogynist with dumb views, truly you are the sensible people in those sort of situations
it was all for the sake of parody, and i know many people appreciated the humour of it, my intentions weren't just to piss people off, but im not sorry if I did, especially if you can't handle a dumb fictional neckbeard

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Jul 24, 3:09 PM